International & Belgium Champion


Belgium JW-08  Hopprins-08




** GROMM  is  available for breeding only for some, very strictly selected females

Also in some cases possibility to get frozen & chilled semen**

GROMM is also as one of the first non-ADRK males allowed to make ADRK breedings!


6 years old


Date of birth: 15/06/2007


OCD: Free, DCM: Clear, JLPP: N/N (Free)

DNA-tested (Progenus)

DNA-tested (Geno Canin - ADRK)

Multi-V1 / 3xCAC/ 3xCACIB/ BOB/ ADRK Jug. CAC / 3x ADRK res. CAC / Anw. Dt CH VDH

res-CAC / res-CACIB

Finland CAC / Luxemburg CACL / Belgium Socialisation Test

Allowed to do ADRK breedings!


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Widerristhöhe: 66 cm, Rumpflänge: 77cm, Brusttiefe: 32cm, Brustumfang: 92cm

Fanglänge: 8,5cm, Oberkopflänge: 16cm, Gewicht: 49kg

Augenfarbe: 2A, Scherengebiss



ADRK Speicher - Kylltal show 29.4.2012, Judge: Helmut Weiler

Champion Class V1, Best Male, CAC, Anw.Dt.Ch.VDH,



"Scissors bite, very big, very well builted with fitting and correct bones.

Correct and very well builted head, big correct carried ears, excellent stop,

Correct cheak bones, short width muzzle, dark mouth pigmentation, short powerfull neck, 

Very good developed chest, very good angulations front and rear, strong straight backline,

correct croup, tale hanging, very nice warm colours and very good hair,

free movement with very big and deep reach."




ADRK KLUB SIEGER 21.8.2011 Judge: Edgar Hellmann

Working Class V2


"Very big, excellent builted. Alert, correct substance with powerfull bones.

Powerfull dry head, eyes and mouth pigment excellent.

Good stop with correct fang. Straight forhand, correct chest.

Beautiful upper and under line. Very muscular behind, very good angulations.

Correct hair, warm brown markings, could be a little bit more in the chest.

Very good movement, correct bite."




ADRK Spich - 2.Dr.Konrad-Adenauer-Schau. Judge: Helmut Weiler

Working Class V2, r-CAC, r-Anw.Dt.Ch.VDH


"Big, Very good builded, strong bones, very good builted head, middle size ears correctly carried,

Very good stop and cheak bones, brown eyes, strong muzzle, dark mouth pigment, strong neck,

very good developed chest, very good angulations, straigh back, correct kruppe,

correct tail, very good coat, correct colours, scissors bite, free movement."




FINLAND KLUB SIEGER 14/06/2009, judge: Paul Dieter Viehoff

Intermedium Class V1, Best Male 2. in show, CAC


"Big, powerfull, very well builded. Typical head, dark brown eyes.

Little bit open lipps. Powerfull neck, front and rear legs very well builded and angulated.

Very good chest deepness and width. Powerfull width back. Correct hair with  soft brown markings,

Very good movement. Correct tail setting. Scissors bite."



IFR-WORLDSHOW 23/05/2009, judge: Fernando Lucas Martins

Intermedium Class V2


"Complete and correct scissors bite. Medium to large size.

Very good substance and bone. Good head. Dark eyes and pigmentation. Correct ears.

Very good stop with short and strong muzzle. Very vell developed chest.

Group a little bit sloping. Very good angulations in front and rear. Very good coat and colour.

Markings well defined. Very good movement with correct topline."





ARDK SPEICHER KYLLTAL-SHOW 26/04/2009, judge: Dieter Hoffmann

Intermedium Class, V1, Anw.Dt.Ch.VDH, Res.CAC, Kylltaljugendsieger -09


"Medium size. Powerfull, good bones. Calm, alert.

Typical head, medium size ears. Dark brown eyes, dark mouth pigment.

Good formed chest, excellent neck- and backline. Correct angulations infront and behind.

Very good hair, soft brown colour of markings. Free and very good movement. Correct bite."




ADRK BLATZHEIM EIFEL-SHOW 29/06/2008, judge: Jürgen Wulff

Junior Class, V1, Jug. CAC


"Good size. Fitting substance. Alert. Very powerfull head. Very wide and full muzzle.

Correct ear setting. Middle brown eyes. Very dark mouth pigment.

The under lips could be more closed. Large chest but is still missing deepnes.

Good angulations infront. Very strong bones. Good topline.

Very powerfull back part with natural angulations.

Excellent colour of markings and hair. Very good movement. Correct bite. "




BRK SPECIAL SHOW 24/05/2008, judge: Chantal Delafontaine

Junior Class, SG 4 (13 dogs in the class, Gromm was the youngest one)


"Correct bite, 11 months, big in size. Very alert. Very good bones. Could have little bit more mass.

Very strong head with very good expression. Ears good implanted but could be closer to skull.

Very strong head with very good marked stop, very short and wide muzzle. Medium brown eyes.

Excellent pigmentation in lips and mouth, lips could be more closed. Very large chest but needs to be filled in.

Position of front legs is correct but the toes should be more close-fitting.  

Angulations in front could be a little bit better and the elbows could be little bit deeper.

Very strong neck. Very deep chest but still needs to get bigger.

Very strong mussles behind. Very strong and good angulations behind.

Very good markings with very warm tan.. Wears the tail as saber.

Very nice movement, pushes very strongly behind. The back is not yet strong enough to let the dog

follow the movements infront. "