BH Lokerse Winner -17 NRC Youth Winner-15



15 months old


Date of birth: 03/01/2014

HD A/A, ED: 0/0

OCD: Free, DCM: Clear, JLPP: N/N (Free)

DNA-tested (Progenus)

Multi-V1   NRC Youth Winner -15

CAC / CACIB / Socialisation Test / BSE Breed Standard Evaluation


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BSE - Breed Standard Evaluation

Sectie Vlaamse-Ardennen Zwalm

judge: Paul Dieter Viehoff (ADRK)


NRC Holland KS 09/05/2015 judge: L.C.A Quartel

V1, Best Youth Dog, NRC Youth Winner 2015, Best Male 3

"Big male, excellent type, very athletic, beautiful upper and under line, good chest deepness and ribs, strong bones,

good front angulations, behind too much angulated, feets could be more compact, strong very well builted male head,

brown eyes, complete bite, big well carried ears, good coat and markings, excellent movement"



BRK CAC Show 10/05/2015 judge: Liz Dunhill

V2 (25 dogs in the ring)

"16 months old medium large male, excellent athletic type, good bone, excellent head

clean and dry skull, well placed ears, good stop, dark almond eyes, good field to forface,

excellent depth to muscle, excellent pigment and denthision and bite,

strong neck, excellent shoulder and upperarm, good forchest, just need to develop in brisquit, good feet,

good top and underline, good handquarters, excellent tale,

excellent movement with great extension with rear and front, excellent parallell action in hind movement,

good coat and condition, markings could be better in chest, good rich markings, excellent caracter."