December 2018

The alpha is gone, the pack will stay and follow your footsteps. It was an honour to know you, it was an honour to be a part of your pack.

No more pain, no more getting older, howl free to the moon Wolf <3

In our forever loving memory


November 2018

Naughty Hof Chao (Gromm-Wanya)

October 2018

Welcome to our kennel ROBIN VON DEN GOLAN-HÖHEN


September 2018

Qibo Hof Chao, almost 12 months old (Judas-Kyna)

August 2018

A gorgeous Gromm son in Australia - ANCHOR -

July 2018

Eddy, Klaus & Puma

June 2018

Greetings from Newton Hof Chao (Gromm-Wanya)


May 2018

A very very special litter for us

New Gromm puppies born in Australia <3

Congratulations Susie & John!


April 2018

Sometimes you see a dog and you just know that a new star has been born :)

Plato Hof Chao


March 2018

Qibo Hof Chao with his family


February 2018

Always the King ... there can be only one

Never forgotten



January 2018

Birthday boy Hugo Hof Chao turned 10 years!

December 2017

Nellie Hof Chao and her "give me that sausage"-look

November 2017

Ona Hof Chao

October 2017

Quira Hof Chao & her friend Focus

September 2017

Oelly-Buelly & Jill Hof Chao


August 2017

Susie & John (Rakaaz rottweilers) visiting us

It was a pleasure to finally meet you both :)

Kiera with Susie, Quick with John, Katla & Nando with Eddy

July 2017

Eddy, Arno with Quick & Katla in Scotland

June 2017

Jessi Hof Chao & Hugo Hof Chao

May 2017

Maya  enjoying of the water fun


April 2017

Spring is in the air - Happy Nox

March 2017

Tron's Valley Partouche, age 13 months

Gromm Hof Chao - Kyna Hof Chao


February 2017

Arno with the Q-puppies <3

January 2017

5 x gorgeous, 5 x wanted, 5 x loved

Welcome Hof Chao Q-litter


December 2016

Myla Hof Chao & Nitro Hof Chao


November 2016

NBRC & ADRK at the MeraDog-stand in Kortrijk

October 2016

Girlie attitude :)

Stolzhammer Vikarala "Vika"
Sire: Gromm Hof Chao
Dam: Stolzhammer San Jacinto
aged 10 weeks

September 2016

Happy group after a successfull trainings weekend with Erwin Klöck & the NBRC


July 2016

Visiting our dear friends in Serbia & Italie!

Thank you for your hospitality!

On left photo: Eddy, Gromzie Furstendorf & Srdan

On right photo: Danana Danka, Adriana, Eddy & Gromm




May 2016

Welcome to our kennel Padmé Hof Chao

(Eiko von Hause Vangard - Kiera Hof Chao)


April 2016

Big congratulations to our dear friend Kenny Goetelen for getting is ADRK helper license &

for his selection to be one of the ADRK World CH helpers :)



February 2016

Cares you know not, Therefore sleep,
While over you a watch I'll keep...

Kyna & puppy boy



January 2016

 EIKO VON HAUSE VANGARD - sire to our P-litter

with Eddy & Ciro in Spain



November 2015

Hof Chao & Furstendorf :)

Maja, Srdan, Eddy, Gromm & Dragan

October 2015

Our deepest condolences to family Moreau-Broucke

Christine - You will never be forgotten...

Thank you for being such a good friend during all these years!


September 2015

Many nationalities, same passion - ROTTWEILER -

Gromm's son VONKASSEL DASKO has done super result in ADRK KS

V4 in Open Class males! Big congratulations!


August 2015

Belgium meets France again, this time at our club.

It was a pleasure again Franck :)

July 2015

Rottweiler Power by Naughty Hof Chao (Gromm-Wanya boy)


June 2015

Wanya, our precious camel boots girl. She came here four years ago and stole our hearts right away. Wantte, our special boertje.

Always looking with her big big Wantte eyes. Our alpha female, one of a kind, super mother, an amazing amazing loving personality - Our Wanya <3

Run free our angel, kisses kisses kisses, we will ALWAYS LOVE YOU xxxxx

Wanya von Bickesheim

05/12/2007 - 04/06/2015




Happy Campers 2015 :)

The 7th IPO-MONDIORING training camp in Finland, this time in Hauhovi in Hämeenlinna!

Thank you to ALL OF YOU!


April 2015

Some puppy photos with new proud owners :)


On right OZZY HOF CHAO with his big sisters Noortje Hof Chao & Caithlyn


March 2015

Love, Friendship, Hard work, Tears of joy & The big result

A picture can tell so much more than thousand words...

Jewls & NOVA HOF CHO after winning the Crufts Junior Bitch Class 2015

February 2015

Mini-Maus aka Oxo Hof Chao

7 week old

January 2015

There is nothing more beautiful in this world...

Arno with N-puppy


December 2014

Puppy time :)

Left: Tron's Valley N-litter (Kimbo Hof Chao-Kiera Hof Chao)

Right: Hof Chao O-litter (Jupp vom Charco-Hexe Hof Chao)



November 2014

Hugo Hof Chao with his best friend Sara

October 2014

BH Kiera Hof Chao & BH Mikay Hof Chao

together with the rest of the Hof Chao-gang ;)

Arne, Jonathan & Mikay, Isabel, Nico, Virpi & Kiera, Leslie & Isabelle

July 2014

Lovely Gromm boys...

Left: C-puppy Of The Gentle Rotts & right: N-puppies Rebbelsdream


June 2014


Two gorgeous and loved puppies with their owners...

Noortje Hof Chao with Liesbeth & Nestor Hof Chao with Liselotte


May 2014


Happy Campers 2014 :)

The 6th IPO-MONDIORING training camp in Finland, this time in Rahikkalan Tila in Keuruu...

Thank you to ALL OF YOU!



April 2014


Gromm's beautiful offspring in Australia

All the best with them Susie & John!


March 2014


She was the last Tron offspring still alive

Sweet dreams big girl




February 2014


Nightmare in rottweiler street :)

'N Nuendo & his new friends

Photo by Brigitte Broekx


January 2014


DEWOLF - clan!

Jochen, Eddy, Arno & Aico


December 2013


Belgium meets Team-Paris!

Bulent Oztel, Eddy, Franck Arnoux, Patrice Lemoal & Gromm




September 2013


A gorgeous Gromm girl


She has made amazing show results this year and is now also France Klubsiegerin 2013


August 2013


Picture taken on our summer holiday

Eddy with Gromm & Heinz Enderle (von Bickesheim) with Katla

- Two generations, two friends, same vision -



July 2013


Azar v/d Lutenburcht

11.5.2000 - 3.7.2013

One of the best producers ever and father of our Gromm

Our deepest condolences Rene


June 2013

Kimbo Hof Chao & Kiara Hof Chao

Brother and sister from our KII-litter

(Gromm Hof Chao - Wanya von Bickesheim)


May 2013

Happy Campers 2013 :)

The 5th training camp in Finland, this time in Rahikkalan Tila in Keuruu... Thank you to ALL OF YOU!


April 2013

Following his fathers footsteps :)

Gromm's son FLASH DE CHATOISILLON with his proud owners V1, Best Male & CAC

in BRK special CAC-show

March 2013

So you are a Boxer? Mmm... I'll come back when I'm a bit bigger!

M-puppy meets a boxer :) Thank you Edigne!


February 2013

Arno with Hof Chao M-litter


January 2013

Two brothers from our K1-litter together with their owners

Left: Kai Hof Chao & Carla, Right: Kosmo Hof Chao with Jessica

Kai & Carla

Kosmo & Jessica

December 2012

Belgium Winner 2012 Haico Hof Chao

A beautiful male that is going to be the sire of our next litter :)



November 2012

Gromm in Eurodogshow Kortrijk together with his beautiful offsprings.

6 offsprings from 5 different combinations. Judged by Mr. Dieter Hoffman.


October 2012

Gromm's girl Vonkassel Daska together with Juliet just after being selected Best in Show in England :)

Big congratulations!

September 2012

Gromm's son Royal Ranger's Feuerwald after his first show in Finland.

BOB-puppy with honour prize. Congratulations!

August 2012

Kayliah Hof Chao together with her new owners Bart, Caroline & girls (vom Haus Minzenwald).

We wish you all the best with her :)

July 2012

In the UK-trip we saw some really unique castles and what is an castle without a knight...

From left to right: Lancelot, Virpi with Arno, Aico and King Arthur :)

June 2012

VONKASSEL DASKO (14 months) - Gromm son following his fathers footsteps :)

Just wait and see... you will still hear a lot of this gorgeous male!

Owned by our good friend Alan Rekert, VonKassel - rottweilers

May 2012

Man-Power ;)

In ADRK Speicher at the Kylltal-show

GROMM V1, Best Male and Kylltalsieger 2012 & his son VONKASSEL DASKO V2 in junior class

together with their proud owners Eddy & Alan

April 2012

Jayani Hof Chao & Carine, with the judge Louis van der Poel

Photo taken just after Jayani passed her BH-exam

Congratulations girls :)

March 2012

Our little girl Katla Hof Chao

5 months old


February 2012

Just like his father!

Izhar vom Rheingarten, the oldest son of our Gromm


January 2012

Lovely Jada Hof Chao enjoying of the winter in Finland

(Photo taken by Shakalakan)

December 2011

A beautiful son of Gromm Hof Chao 

(kennel von den Hatzrüden)

November 2011

"Yes yes, mama loves all of you"

The K I's and K II's in the park

October 2011

Our precious Arno with one of the K1- girls

September 2011

Our guests from England came over for a training weekend.

First good training in Germany and then in our club in Rumbeke.

Paul had a chance to take some belgium dogs into his sleeve ;)

In the picture helpers Marino and Bert, Alan & Paul Rekert, Jacques, Gerard, Eddy & Arno


August 2011

Our beautiful IMKE HOF CHAO

You were our leading lady, our hope for the future

Miss and love you so so much!!

July 2011

Eddy & Gromm Hof Chao

Belgium CH, Belgium KS-11, GHP1, WGH, ZTP, BH

Kylltaljugensieger -09, Belgium JW-08, Hopprins -08

Photo taken by Nathalie

June 2011

3th Belgium-Finland training weekend in Jyväskylä Finland

Big THANK YOU to all of you!

Photo taken by Malinuts

May 2011

Our dear boys

Arno & Gromm

Photo taken by Munanis, thank you!

April 2011

DEWOLF -clan in 3 generations

Germain, Marnix, Arno, Eddy, Jochen and Aico

February 2011

A gorgeous son of Gromm


January 2011

When you see this caravan -wave- It's HOF CHAO on the road again :)

December 2010

Fee vom Charco

November 2010

Hof Chao in Grote Prijs

Imke, Gromm & Britt with Eddy and J-F

Photo taken by Lilian, thank you

October 2010

Jada Hof Chao (8 weeks old) in Finland

Photo taken by kennel Shakalakan


September 2010

This is a picture of Eddy's grandmother together with Arno two years ago.

Thank You for being our Mareine...

Martha Vercaigne 21.03.1921 - 26.09.2010

August 2010

A box full of pure GOLD

The Hof Chao J-litter 15 days old


July 2010

Nona, Arno & Aico

at the Gentse Feesten

May 2010

Belgium-Finland VPG Training weekend

21.-23.5.2010 in Lapua Finland

What a great weekend! Thank You to all of you :)

April 2010

Our dear friend JOHN CAMMAERT

You will  never be forgotten

John Cammaert, Hof Ter Cammen-rottweilers


March 2010

Our sandman

GROMM HOF CHAO enjoying of the beach life

February 2010


We miss you so much



January 2010

Arno, Rita & Günther (rottweilerkennel Vom Charco)

What a joyfull Christmas Day. Together with our dear friends from Germany.

Vielen Dank Rita und Günther!


December 2009



Photo on Left: IRON V/H QUEE-RAHOF with his new proud owners Marko & Heidi

The journey was more than full of snow but the little Gromm's son is on his way to conquer the Finland ;)

Photo on right: GROMM HOF CHAO with Eddy, Marko & Heidi

Iron, Marko & Heidi Gromm, Eddy, Marko & Heidi

November 2009

Autumn greetings from Finland

Geisha Hof Chao & Hero Hof Chao


September 2009

Burning des princes d'aragone

A stunning male that we have used in our breeding


August 2009


The perfect Sunday

First good GHP-training and then barbeque with good friends - Sharing the same passion for rottweilers :)


July 2009


Arno & Inca vom Rheingarten

The little Wolf with Gromm's girl

Thank you Linda for taking the picture :))


June 2009

Grandmother Britt came to test the new RHC-training field and showed

how the bitework needs to be done ;)


May 2009

Haico Hof Chao (10 months old)

Beautiful, temperamental and social - just what we expected the last son of Britt to be :)


April 2009

Eddy, Arno, Roel

Godfather Roel really wants Arno to learn everything about sheeps :)



March 2009

Gromm & Eddy

doing BH-exam (ADRK Speicher)


February 2009

The little wolf Arno

just after his first hair cutting



January 2009

Geisha Hof Chao (in Finland)

Photo taken by  Rockweiler´s



December 2008

Hof Chao- rottweilers going to dog club's Christmas walk

From left to right:

Dascha Hof Chao, Haico Hof Chao, Bono Hof Chao, Gromm Hof Chao, Heff Hof Chao, Hexe Hof Chao, Britt Hof Chao & Karmossen New Design




November 2008

Heff Hof Chao (9,5 months)

Very strong young male, that seems to follow the footsteps of his halfbrother Gromm


October 2008

Gromm Hof Chao in Duisburg ADRK KlubSieger 2008

Photo taken by Aniwa



September 2008

Hof Chao dogs enjoying the beach life in France


August 2008

Big Congratulations to family Lück!  Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

Günther & Rita with Isi. V1 & Düsselschau Jugendsiegerin 2008 (rottweilerkennel Vom Charco)




July 2008

Visitors from Finland

Reino & Sirpa Nykänen with BH Karmossen Cherokee and TK1 BH Karmossen New Design


June 2008

Aico & Arno


May 2008

Heff Hof Chao (13 weeks)



April 2008

"The milk bar is open"

Dina Hof Chao & H-puppies



March 2008


Geyla Hof Chao with her new owners



January 2008

Eddy together with good friend Peter Thimm



December 2007

Two brothers

Gromm Hof Chao & Gandor Hof Chao (23 weeks)



November 2007

Della Hof Chao in Finland

Photo taken by Niina Haataja

October 2007

Together with friends from France, Finland and Germany at DM VPG 2007 Eschweiler


September 2007

Geisha Hof Chao (9 weeks old) in Finland

Photo taken by kennel Karmossen


August 2007


Patrice & Eddy with Dina Hof Chao, Karmossen New Design and Britt Hof Chao