17 months old


Date of birth: 17/07/2008

HD: Free  / ED: Free

Belgium Socialisation Test

Multi- V1 / CAC / CACIB / BOB




Belgium BRK Klubsieger 06/07/2013

Judge: Chris Window

V1, open class


4 years, good size and substance, very attentive, dry broad head, correct stop, good cheek and muzzle development,

dark mouth pigment, good lipline, small ears carried very close to the head, dark almond spated eyes,

strong neck correct length, very good depth and wide of chest, good fore chest, good angulations infront, straight front, good top- and underline,

correct croupe, good tail carried, well mussled hindguarters, very good angulations,

good coat, rich brown markings, scissorbite, excellent reach and drive.



ADRK Speicher 18/04/2010

Judge: Helmut Weiler

V1, Anw.Dt.Ch VDH


Medium size, very good builded, fitting bones. Powerful and very good shaped head,

medium size correct carried ears, correct stop and cheekbone. Brown eyes, dark mouthpigment.

Very beautiful neck- and backline. Correct chest deepnes. Very good angulations.

Correct carried tail. Very good coat, correct markings. Free movement with good reach. Scissor bite.




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